Spectacle Performance Créme

A standalone product in any routine, the multitasking Spectacle Performance Crème boasts a formula that hydrates, smooths and soothes with a beautiful primer-like consistency that effortlessly simplifies your skin care ritual by tackling multiple skin concerns at once. Winner of "Best moisturizer for aging skin" and delivered to you in "Best sustainable packaging" -Marie Claire 2021 Skin Awards

A true desert-island formula that works under the duress of all seasons and settings. Come summer or winter, a sweaty workout or a drab day at the office, Spectacle Performance Creme will feel comfortable and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing throughout. Tested in the high desert of Santa Fe and on the streets of London, it offers a one of a kind gel-cream texture that perfectly preps the skin before make up and sits beautifully under SPF. Using skin-identical ingredients and sustainable green science, the formula reinforces the skin’s defensive barrier, reduces discoloratioin and redness, protects against environmental stress, while supporting collagen and elastin production. If you can only use one skin care product for the rest of your life, make sure Spectacle Performance Creme is it.