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Our promise to you: to produce environmentally conscious products that serve your skin, with minimal disruption to the environment.

At Spectacle Skincare, we are focused on making the most sustainable choices for our products and shipping materials. Wherever possible, we use planet-friendly resources, minimal plastics, pared-back packaging and partner with companies that share our values. We are just getting started and are by no means perfect. It is our sincere promise that as we grow, so too will our commitment to support bright new ways to change the wasteful way we have all consumed beauty in the past.

Our eco and cosmos-certified tube is constructed from a spruce-wood and sugarcane compound that is far kinder to the Earth than traditional plastics. You can feel the difference, as the fine wood grain makes the surface of the tube feel slightly rough. Over 95% of the materials used in the tube are from renewable resources. The processed spruce, found in certified forests throughout the EU, comes from sawdust created as a by-product of German carpenters. The wood tube has a carbon footprint that is 40% better than a conventional PE tube.

We hold our hands up here: our airless pump and cap are the only plastic parts of our packaging. As we grow, we hope to find a way around this, but for now, an airless pump is the best way to keep the sensitive antioxidants fresh and stable. And the pump contains no metal componentry, so it is fully recyclable.

No trees were harmed in the creation of our box; our hemp paper is acid, chlorine and chemical-free. 50% of the fibre is sustainably sourced from European hemp fields, the remaining 50% is post-consumer recycled waste. We promote the growth of one of the greatest plants on Earth by planting two hemp seeds for every box we create. For every 154 of our boxes made from hemp, we save 16 lbs of trees, conserve 20 gallons of water, save 36,000 BTUs of energy, retain 2.5 lbs of solid waste and keep 4.5 lbs of greenhouse gases from entering the environment. When compared with traditional tree paper, choosing hemp paper results in: 45% less energy used, 38% fewer greenhouse gasses produced, 45% less wastewater generated, 50% less solid waste created and 100% fewer trees used.

The soy ink used is particularly notable for its low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), less than one-fifth of the amount produced by petroleum-based inks. Additionally, soy ink is more than four times more biodegradable than standard ink, so even paper that is not recycled will have a reduced environmental impact.

Our fulfilment centre runs on local green power and operates on electric forklifts. The padded shipping envelope we use is made from 100% recycled content and is fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable. Whenever void fill is needed, we use peanuts made from corn starch that fully dissolve and break down.

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